Welcome to the IFI Ministry Kit!

This is an interactive training program packed with practical methods and resources for equipping a team to successfully launch an international student ministry.

It also serves as a refresher for those who have already launched their ministries, but need further knowledge on a particular topic.

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1 Why International Student Ministry?

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2 How to Start a New International Student Ministry

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3 Foundations - Mobilizing

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4 Foundations - Ministry

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5 Growing an International Student Ministry

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6 Resources

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Section 1: Why International Student Ministry?

Welcome to International Friendships

The basics of IFI's ministry. Why we do what we do, and what our vision and values are.

Returned Internationals

What is the impact of international student ministry? Does it work? How is God moving? Listen to these stories.

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Section 2: How to Start a New International Student Ministry

Getting Started in Ministry

Where do I get started? I don't know many international students yet. Phil gives practical tips of how to find and connect with students on campus.

Raising Ministry Leaders

It's important to see who God is also preparing to join IFI's ministry. Rich shares his experiences of how to discern.

Building Your Team

How do I build my team to do ministry? Dayton, Ohio tells us what glues their team together.

A Successful Startup

You're not alone! Dayton, Ohio shares their story of how they started their IFI ministry in 2012 and how God grew it!

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Section 3: Foundations - Mobilizing

Church Partnerships

Getting to know a church is like going on a first date, courting and then getting engaged and married -- and keeping the fire going!


Volunteers are ready to serve. How do you organize and mobilize them to equip them and protect the students?

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Section 4: Foundations - Ministry

Campus Ministry

Universities can be complicated to work with. Estera shows us the ropes of building a strong a fruitful relationship with the office of international affairs.


How can we help a student move towards meeting Jesus? Michelle talks about how to guide an international student believer towards maturity in Christ.

Returnee Ministry

The main goal is for students to return to their home countries and share the gospel. How can we best prepare them for that?

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Section 5: Growing an International Student Ministry

City Impact Team

Learn about the 5 key roles God will help you bring together to support your ministry.

Fundraising at IFI

What about funds to support my location's ministry? Jason tells us about that.

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Section 6: Resources

All Ministry Kit Downloads

Looking for a specific resource, but can't remember which session it was in? Browse all the Ministry Kit resources here.

Communication Tools

How do I get a website, flyers or brochures? Who can I talk to about technical questions?

Staying Connected

Feel alone in your ministry? Here are some ways to connect with your co-workers in different cities and states.

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